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Increasingly, corrugated packaging surfaces are adorned with vivid graphics, colorful designs, and personalized messages, creating a wealth of new opportunities. Digital printing on corrugated paper has developed numerous new applications, enabling brands and packaging designers to offer innovative options for products of various sizes and shapes.


KGT-2500A: The New Generation of Corrugated Printing for Short Runs

As a pioneer in industrial printing equipment, KINGT leverages its extensive experience to develop corrugated packaging printing technology. Addressing the current market demand for small batches, personalization, and short cycles, KINGT introduces the KGT-2500A scanning digital packaging printer. This solution offers printing companies a cost-effective, efficient, and eco-friendly option for corrugated packaging printing.



1. Ideal for mid to short-run jobs with multiple versions without downtime due to production changes.

2. Easy to operate, requiring no flexo operator skills, plates, installation, plate changes, or storage.

3. Fewer setups and preparations mean less downtime and waste.

4. Lower job costs allow box plants to optimize production on various equipment and reduce finished product inventory, requiring less storage space and minimizing waste from obsolete packaging.


Superior Printing Quality: A Key Selection Criterion

The KGT-2500A multifunctional scanning digital printer uses water-based dye or pigment inks, producing vibrant, glossy, waterproof, and scratch-resistant prints. Its high-quality printing effect rivals traditional spot color printing. With low operational costs and wide adaptability, it can print directly on various materials like honeycomb board, kraft paper, coated paper, yellow and white cardboard, and corrugated board. This flexibility adds value to diverse, exquisite packaging prints, making packaging printing simpler, more flexible, environmentally friendly, and expressive.


Digitalization represents a significant long-term strategic direction for the corrugated carton industry, with digital printing rapidly gaining market share. KINGT will continue to provide professional UV digital inkjet printing solutions for packaging printing, helping print companies deliver high-quality, personalized corrugated box printing services. This not only enhances product value but also achieves better profitability.

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