Grand Scene of APPPEXPO 2023

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On June 18, 2023, to the eager anticipation of the industry, APPPEXPO 2023 grandly opened at the National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai). This marked the milestone moment of the exhibition's 30th anniversary. With the theme "30, Departing for the Next Station!", APPPEXPO 2023 comprehensively showcased the overall development of the global advertising and printing industry under new circumstances. It fully leveraged the role of APPPEXPO as an import and export platform for showcasing and exchanging the latest applications globally, presenting a unique and innovative industry event for exhibitors, visitors, and professionals.



01  |  Leading the Industry's High-Quality Development

As an influential international professional brand exhibition in the advertising, signage, printing, packaging industries, and related industry chains, APPPEXPO has become a must-attend industry event for domestic and international exhibitors, buyers, and users. It brings high-quality, innovative, forward-looking, and breakthrough content to the industry, collaboratively creating new driving forces, new patterns, new opportunities, and new collaborations for industry upgrading, and actively contributing to the revitalization of the industry.

In 2023, which coincided with the 30th anniversary of APPPEXPO, the current edition of the exhibition opened a new chapter and achieved new brilliance. With the collaboration of its seven subsidiary exhibitions, the exhibition occupied five exhibition halls with an exhibition area of 150,000 square meters. Approximately 1,600 exhibitors participated in this edition of the exhibition. The exhibition featured richer, more diverse, and cutting-edge exhibits, covering various segments of the entire industry chain, including inkjet printing, cutting, engraving, materials, signage, displays, commercial retail, lighting, printing, packaging, industrial applications of inkjet printing, and other innovative products and technological achievements. It provided a high-quality, diversified, and all-encompassing platform for trade and communication to global industry suppliers, distributors, and end-users.



02  |  Building a Comprehensive Industry Chain Trading Platform

With 30 years of deep cultivation in the advertising and printing industry, APPPEXPO has always closely followed market trends, actively explored the integration and innovation of the extended industry chain, and continuously promoted the comprehensive development of the entire industry chain. Riding the wave of digital technology, the exhibition actively introduced categories of intelligent digital products and solutions from the forefront of industries worldwide into the platform of the advertising and printing exhibition. This served to comprehensively activate the innovative power of enterprises upstream and downstream of the advertising, signage, printing, and packaging industries, and to promote digital technology permeating through each exhibition area and segment. It fully promotes the industry's advancement into the high-end of the global technology value chain.

This year, with the opening of both domestic and foreign markets and the development of the dual circulation economic model, APPPEXPO has become an important driving force for the industry's economic recovery. At the exhibition site, the displays were splendid, the on-site negotiations were lively, and the scene was exceptionally vibrant. Many participating companies released new products, new designs, new technologies, new materials, and new strategies at the exhibition. They conducted face-to-face negotiations with professional buyers, sought cooperation, shared resources, illuminated new horizons, and directly achieved cooperation and intentions. The exhibition attracted numerous commercial participants, meeting the trade cooperation needs of different levels of the industry chain.



03  |  30th Anniversary Series of Activities

In the brand development journey of APPPEXPO over the past few years, it has continuously explored new ways of "cross-border" and "breaking boundaries." Through the unique resources of exhibitors and the integration of technologies and means that realize brand value, such as inkjet printing, engraving, 3D, LED screens, and new retail, the exhibition has unlocked new value and new hotspots for brand IP's cross-border expansion.

To celebrate the 30th anniversary of APPPEXPO, the organizing committee has specially planned a series of 30th-anniversary activities, incorporating the theme of the exhibition's 30th anniversary and the exhibition's exclusive IP, "Ada." It also includes various forms of online and offline interactive activities with rich and diverse content, enhancing the interaction experience between exhibitors and visitors and creating a rich and three-dimensional exhibition atmosphere.


APPPEXPO 30th Anniversary Museum

As a tribute to the 30th anniversary of APPPEXPO, the exhibition created a dedicated exhibition area in the form of a physical museum. Focusing on the "Development Milestones of APPPEXPO," it showcased exhibition items that carried the "memories of APPPEXPO" as well as brand IP exclusive peripherals incorporating elements of the mascot "Ada." This area guided visitors to explore and experience the historical charm and innovative vitality of APPPEXPO.


The First "Ada" Cup Creative Design Competition

As a significant event of this year's exhibition, APPPEXPO partnered with "Feiyue Top One", a classic Chinese brand owned by Donghao Lansheng Group. During the exhibition, a section of the 30th Anniversary Museum was specially dedicated to displaying outstanding works from the first "Ada" Cup Creative Design Competition. Additionally, the exhibition hosted the launch ceremony of the "APPPEXPO & Feiyue Top One" joint-branded sports shoes, showcasing and selling the APPPEXPO & Feiyue Top One joint-branded trendy shoes. This demonstrated the dual charm of printing and customization, promoted Chinese craftsmanship, and reshaped the image of "Made in China".



A civilized, harmonious, and progressive society requires citizens with an upward spirit. Over the years, the organizing committee of APPPEXPO has taken it upon themselves to advocate excellent Chinese traditional culture and practice new social trends. This year, coinciding with the 30th anniversary of the exhibition, the organizing committee launched the "APPPEXPO New Trends" booth, presenting the positive content of good deeds and spreading positive energy that emerged during previous exhibition events in the form of comics. The intention was to express the commitment of the advertising and printing community to inherit fine traditions and work style in the process of organizing exhibitions and conferences and to be inheritors and exemplary figures of social trends. As a first attempt by Donghao Lansheng Group to explore the education of a clean and ethical new atmosphere, the booth design also incorporated the "Ethics Tree" installation to visually engage and encourage more people to join the ranks of practicing the "new trends."


On this 30th anniversary of APPPEXPO, let us join together in wishing the advertising and printing industry continued prosperity, ongoing innovation, and sustained development. At this celebratory milestone, we sincerely hope that the advertising and printing industry will embrace future challenges and opportunities with constant renewal. May the sparks of innovation shine at the advertising and printing exhibition, may leaps in technology lead the industry's development, and may market expansion opens a new chapter of brilliance. May APPPEXPO continues to serve as a platform for exchange and cooperation, gathering industry elites, and jointly exploring a brighter future for the industry!

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