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As a leading supplier of precision coating materials in China, Shanghai NAR Industrial Co., Ltd. (stock code: 002825) was established at the end of 2002. With its scientific governance structure, efficient supply chain management and continuous pursuit of innovation, it provides customers in more than 90 countries and regions around the world with stable quality products and high-quality services. In recent years, NAR has continuously expanded its expansion in the fields of digital inkjet printing materials, automotive aftermarket, optical and electronic functional film, hydrogen energy fuel cell core components and other fields, realizing the development trend of industrial and capital dual-wheel drive. After 20 years, NAR has grown into a high-tech leading enterprise integrating research and development, production and sales.

NAR's products are widely used in the following three fields:

1.In the field of digital printing materials, it covers vehicle graphics, glass curtain wall advertising, commercial billboards, signs and other scene applications. It has a series of brands such as "INFLEX", "NAR" and "BN", which can meet the market demand of high-grade and economic products.

2.In the field of decoration and functional materials, it covers the automotive aftermarket, optical function film, home furnishing decoration and other new material industries, and established new material division with brands of "NARPPF", "INFLEX", "Proflex", "Aiprint",”PPPF Shell” and "Junhong Optics".

3.In the field of new energy, NAR has owned the brand of "NAR hydrogen electricity" in the field of fuel cell membrane electrode, and will gradually expand the business sectors related to new energy and deepen the diversified development strategy through investment.

In future, NAR will continue to innovate and explore in the field of precision coating technology and fine chemical industry with a global perspective. With its own strength and capital power, through continuous innovation, it will develop products that are more in line with the natural and human happy living space. With intensive cultivation, NAR has built itself into a century old store with a long history, providing customers with more environmentally friendly, convenient and beautiful products and services, and creating a comfortable, safe and beautiful living environment for the society.


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