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BLUEVIEW ELEC-OPTIC TECH CO.,LTD. is a pioneer developer in China's LED signage lighting and linear lighting market, not only participating but also promoting the development of the entire LED industry. 

Blueview has been offering professional integrated and ingenious solutions with abundant products including signage, lighting products and others since 2004.

To lead the innovation trend, Blueview introduced “Smart Control”to its products which triggered a major breakthrough for the whole LED industry. Blueview aims to provide customers with complete LED smart lighting system solutions, from lamps to systems to IOT, everything.

We always pursuit the faith that Better light could bring Better life and we never slow down the path for innovation&creation.

Lighting fixtures: magnetic acoustic lights, downlights, ceiling spotlights, low-voltage strips, neon, modules and other products.

Blueviewsmartpower supply covers two series of constant current and constant voltage.

Diversified external control devices: LCD screen, scenecontrolpanel, SAAS, mobile phone, IPAD,

remote control, voice speaker, etc.

Zone control: automatic induction mode, human body induction.

Remote control: mobile phoneandcomputer can controllight mode, switch situation,andetc.

Covering all categoriesof lighting productsfrom LED signagelightingsources to LED smart lighting fixtures, we pursue the ultimate light quality, and introduce an intelligent control system to provide a full range of products from lamps, sensors, power supplies to smartcontrol systems, as well as from space lighting planning, project installation to One-stop solutions and services for after-sales support.



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