APPPEXPO 2025 is officially set!

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March 4th-7th, 2025

National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai)

Under the theme "Beyond Limits"

Injecting powerful momentum into the innovative development of the advertising and printing industry



APPPEXPO 2025, Unbounded Printing, Infinite Advertising

As a leading exhibition in the advertising and printing industry, APPPEXPO has always been at the forefront of releasing market trends, breakthrough technologies, and innovative solutions. With the theme "Beyond Limits," APPPEXPO 2025 will gather innovative achievements across the entire industry chain, showcasing the diverse capabilities of cutting-edge technologies. Together with global professionals in the advertising and printing industry, we will explore the infinite possibilities of the industry and create a future where printing knows no boundaries, leading the industry toward a broader and more innovative future.


Technological Breakthroughs, Embracing a New Era of "Beyond Limits"


Behind the theme "Beyond Limits" lies the continuous pursuit and comprehensive application of cutting-edge technologies in the advertising and printing industry. Through advanced digitalization and intelligent technologies, traditional printing boundaries are constantly being broken, unleashing the infinite possibilities of printing. From creative design to manufacturing, integrating cutting-edge technology into every aspect, and with the support of emerging technologies such as digital printing, intelligent equipment, and cloud services, printing applications will achieve true boundary-free expansion in form and field.


Infinite Innovation, Cross-border Integration Leading Diverse Development


"Beyond Limits" represents not only technological breakthroughs but also a profound sublimation of industry connotations, advocating for expanding the boundaries of industry thinking and promoting diversified innovation and development. From this diverse perspective, printing and advertising are no longer limited to specific forms or application scenarios but become a boundless creative domain. Through cross-border cooperation and industrial integration, more innovative thinking and business models will emerge, achieving breakthrough innovation and driving industry upgrades.



To all global advertising and printing professionals,

The call to assemble for APPPEXPO 2025 has sounded once again.

Let's join hands and embark on the journey to a new era of "Beyond Limits" together!


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