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PMI Technologies Inc Booth number : E4 -112

PMI Technologies Inc   Booth number : E4 -112

PMI Technologies Inc. is an interactive solutions provider which takes ProTouchTM iFoil? as the core. PMI was founded in 2008, with the continuous upgrade of nano-touch products and accumulation of experiences of technical support, PMI is helping more and more partners to create differentiation products, increase brand influence and sales. Aim at different levels of demands, open cooperation with counterpart integrators, make use of characters of transparent, heat-resistant and waterproof of ProTouchTM iFoil?, taking minimum cost to develop new products, enhancing competitive forces. In addition to these, it can open up a new unprecedented rising touch market of outdoor, waterproof and flat mirror surface etc.
PMI’s interaction solutions supporting has covered a number of areas, such as commercial real estate, government, military, boutique retail and education etc. The cooperation with State Grid, Shanghai GM, China Vanke, Huawei, 13 countries Pavilion of Shanghai World Expo, SMG, Pacific coffee and other the customers, it brings an unprecedented well interactive experience. At present, PMI’s products and solutions have been applied to more than 30 countries in the world and served more than 200 million people.