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Shanghai Int’l Digital Display Tech & Equipment Exhibition 2020

Concurrently held with The 26th Shanghai Int’l Ad & Sign Technology & Equipment Exhibition

Date: July 21-24, 2020

Venue: National Exhibition & Convention Center (Shanghai) No.333 Song Ze Avenue Shanghai


Displaying of Spanning the Time and Space

Digital display is not only the specific application of digital sensing technology in commercial display, but also is the integration of virtual reality technology, augmented reality technology and artificial intelligence technology. Compared with the traditional exhibition means of “Product+ Board”, digital presentation has an unparalleled advantage. Virtual reality provides a more realistic experience and presence. Augmented reality AR is the extension and extension of the real scene. The content presented by digital display technology has break through the limitation of time, space, form, in the future, its applications will only be limited to the imagination. 

Various Human-computer Interaction Scenes

Digital display is much better than traditional exhibition mode in content, effect and even in application field. Digital display specific content includes the holographic projection, interactive multimedia, electronic sand table, augmented reality AR, virtual reality VR, somatosensory interaction, annulus/ball screen system, construction projection, the water curtain movie, an system, electronic books, digital interactive and 3D display etc.

It is widely used in the field of real estate recovery, digital city, historic sites, virtual tour, special effects, project preview, industrial simulation, urban planning, architectural design, culture and tourist attractions, industrial facilities and process simulation, film and television production and product display,etc.

Booming Industry

Huge number of augmented reality intelligent hardware, like augmented reality head-mounted display,  will be marketed between 2016-2018. There will be a big jump in the number of advertisement of Mobile terminal augmented reality products. The augmented reality revenue will also improve greatly. 

The virtual reality equipment ecosphere has been formed in 2017. The profit model has been gradually mature. China virtual reality industry revenue will up on more than RMB 20 billion.

Augmented reality technique would blend with multi-media information integration. It would also become fusion display between industrial simulation, television program designing, program display, innovative marketing. Augmented reality hardware have tool character. It is replaceable with mobile phone and its application scenarios has been commonly used. It has been calculated that up to 2020, augmented reality revenue are expected to reach USD1,200 Billion.

More Benefit from Digital Display

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