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Hall Plan

Hall 1: Engraving Machines

Engraving Machines | Laser Engraving Machines | CNC Engraving System | Tools and Fittings | Sign Production Equipment | Vacuum Forming Machines | Acrylic Equipment | Cutting Machines | Cutting Plotters | Bending Machines | Polishing Machines etc.


A full range of cutting-edge CNC engraving machines and cutting equipment brands bring a wide range of lifestyle and industrial applications.


Hall 2: Signs and Digital Signage

Signs | Signage Products | Tri-vision and Multi-vision Billboards | New Media | Digital Signage | LCD Advertising Machines | 3D Products | Light Boxes | Luminous Products | LED Display Screens | LED/LCD TVs etc.


APPPEXPO 2019 will focus on both traditional and digital signage while showing the advanced “Touch and Response” technology of digital signage.


Hall 3 & 4.1: International Brands

Digital Printing Equipment | Digital Image Technology Output Equipment | Digital Textile Printing Equipment | Advertising Consumables etc.


The newly expanded International Brand Halls invite you to enjoy the global advertising and signage industry, especially the top brands in the field of digital printing.


Hall 5.1: Media, Substrates & Inks

Flex Banner Fabrics | Glue Products | Reflective Materials | Photographic Paper and Outdoor & Indoor Digital Printing Consumables | Inks | Printing Inks | Acrylic Plates | PVC Foam Boards | Aluminum Composite Panels etc.


APPPEXPO 2019 presents you massive materials, media and ink brands. The number and variety surely will exceed your imagination.


Hall 6.1: Exhibition Displays

Exhibition Equipment | Portable Exhibition Equipment | Display Stands and Other POP Products | Commercial Decoration Materials | Shelves and Product Display Cabinets | Equipment for Sales Promotion | Holographic Projections | Interactive Multimedia | Augmented Reality | Virtual Reality | 3D Displays etc.


APPPEXPO 2019 will help exhibiting companies to enhance product image, attract customers and stimulate purchase desires.


Hall 7.1 & 8.1: Digital Printing Equipment & Supplies

Digital Printing Equipment | Outdoor and Indoor Digital Photo Printing Equipment | UV Flatbed Printer | UV Printer for Coiled Material | UV Coil Printer|

Digital Image Technology Output Equipment | Banner Machines | Cold Laminating Machines |  Feeder Machines | Hot Laminating Machines | Printing Equipment Related Supplies and Accessories etc.


China's digital printing equipment brands gather together to demonstrate the all-round progress and tremendous power of Chinese manufacturing.


Hall 8.1: Digital Textile Printing

Digital Inkjet Textile Printing Equipment | Digital Inkjet Textile Printing System | Textile Printing Products | Digital Textile Printing Consumables etc.


Digital textile printing technology will lead to changes in the design and production of printed fabrics, creating printed patterns to better satisfy customer needs.