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Exhibit Category

1. Pre-Press, Digital & Press Printing

      ■ Pre-Press, CTP, Imaging, Multimedia

      ■ Digital Proofing, DI, Color Digital Copy

2. Color printing, offset printing and rotary printing

      ■ Press Printing, Rotary Offset Press Machines

      ■ Printing Information Communication Equipment

      ■ Printing Materials, Inks, Plates, Etc.

3. Labeling, Sign, Flexo, Gravure & Screen Printing

      ■ Label, Bill, Card, RFID Printing Machines

      ■ Flexo Graphic & Gravure Machines

      ■ Anti-Counterfeit Technology

      ■ Sign And Screen Printing Equipment

      ■ Screen Plate Making Equipment

      ■ Testing Devices And Densitometers

      ■ Flexo Plate Making Equipment

      ■ Printing & Packaging Machines

4. Paper, Folding Carton, Converting & Corrugated Carton

      ■ Folding Carton, Converting Technology & Equipment

      ■ Cardboard Converting Technology & Machinery

      ■ Corrugated Carton Technology & Machinery

      ■ Paper, Paperboard & Folding Box

5. Post-Printing Equipment

      ■ Laminating, Slitting, Rotary

      ■ Die Cutting, Etc.

6. Printing & Packaging Products

      ■ Books And Printing, Digital Printing, Paper Printing, Security Printing, Label Printing, Three-Dimensional Image Printing, Non-Paper Material And Printing,

      ■ Paper Packaging, Soft Plastic Packaging, Metal Packaging, Wood Packaging, Bag Packaging, Non-Woven Packaging, Other Packaging Material

      ■ Design Services, Publishing Services, Etc.

7. 3D Printing