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Exhibits Profile

1.LED/ OLED Lighting

Commercial Lighting· LED architectural lighting· LED Furniture Lighting· LED Hotel Lighting· LED Landscape Lighting· LED Road Lighting· LED Vehicle Lighting· Solar LED Lamp· LED Driver Power Supply and Control System

2.LED/OLED Application

LCD splicing screen· LED advertising module· LED module· LED light emitting· LED light box· LED stage lighting

3.Wind Power Complementary System

Wind Power Complementary Street Lamp· Garden Lamp· Supporting Equipment

4.LED Manufacturing Technology

SMD LEDs· High power LEDs· Lamp LEDs· MOCVD Equipment· Epitaxial Film· Chip Equipment and On-Line Inspection Equipment· Light Source· Module and Lamp Testing Equipment· LED Purification and Dust Removal Equipment· LED Chip· Wafer· Lei Chip and Related Materials· LED Phosphor· Organic Silicon· Glue· Substrate· Etc.

5.Intelligent Home Furnishing System

Intelligent Lighting Control· Intelligent Home Appliance Control· Intelligent Door And Window Control· Family Background Music System· Video Intercom / Monitoring System· Burglar Alarm System· Intelligent Home Energy Saving System· Intelligent Home Ecosystem· Integrated Wiring System

6.LED display

Indoor screen· outdoor screen· single color display· dual color display· full color display· LED digital display· LED dot matrix graphic display· LED video display