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Exhibition Date: March 5th to 8st, 2019

Exhibition Venue: National Exhibition & Convention Center (Shanghai)     No. 333 Song Ze Avenue, Shanghai, P.R.China

ORGANIZERS: Shanghai East Best & Lansheng International (Group) Co., Ltd.

OPERATORS: Shanghai Yun Expo Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Modern International Exhibition Co, Ltd.

Shanghai Gray Exhibition Co., Ltd.


Coincides with the opportunity to build a high level lighting international display exhibition

In the new situation, green, modern and intelligent urbanization have been irresistible. The putting forward and wide application of the concept of Internet of things has brought huge opportunities to both digital media and smart home.

Shanghai International Lighting Fair (held in the same period with Shanghai International Intelligent Home Innovation Exhibition and Shanghai International Display Exhibition) will meet the needs of the times to provide quality exhibition services with advanced venues and international services.

Expected to the year of 2019, its exhibition area will reach more than 20,000 square meters, Chinese and foreign exhibitors will be more than 300, professional sellers at home and abroad will reach 50,000.

9 Major Advantages

1.”The whole year’s work depends on a good start in spring”. As the first lighting expo in spring of 2018, Shanghai International Lighting expo will meet you from March 5th to 8th of 2019.

2. the venue locates at Hong Qiao Commercial District Core Area which is very closed to Hong Qiao International Airport and Hong Qiao Railway station. You can take the#2 line subway to get there.

3. NECC is pitched as one of the world’s largest single building. It is a grand project in accordance with a cooperation framework agreement signed between Ministry of Commerce of China and Shanghai Municipal Government. And a global-leading exhibition complex in terms of service.

4. New products, solutions and technologies from LED/OLED lights, manufacturing Technology, smart home system, and LED display screen, advertising screen and especially the VR and 3D printer will bring the visitors a new experience.

5. More famous brands such as PHILIPS,Honyar,Foshan Lighting, Yaships, Futina and Unilumin will intend to attend the exhibition in 2018.

6. The organizer will also contact local governments and associations in all over the world, organize overseas buyers groups make one on one invitation to the domestic, and do the multi-channel marketing activities which focus on Oracle Eloqua.

7. Push the exhibition by newspaper, magazine, website, mobile phone, guild and many kind of mall.

8. The relevant events will aim at the market and manufactures in 2018 and will be pushed during the exhibition.

9. The necessary services and facilities of the organizers and the venue are Weill equipped. It can provide the attentive service to the exhibition when they hold the press conference and investing meeting.

LED/OLED Lighting

Commercial Lighting, LED architectural Lighting, LED Landscape Lighting, LED Road Lighting, LED Hotel Lighting, LED Furniture Lighting, LED Driver Power Supply and Control System

LED display                      

Indoor screen, outdoor screen, single color display, dual color display, full color display, LED digital, LED dot matrix graphic display, LED video display

LED/OLED Application

LCD splicing screen, LED advertising module, LED module, LED light emitting, LED light box, LED stage lighting

LED Manufacturing Technology

SMD LEDs, High power LEDs, Lamp LEDs, MOCVD Equipment, Epitaxial Film, Chip Equipment and On-Line Inspection Equipment, Light Source, Module and Lamp Testing Equipment, LED Purification and Dust Removal Equipment, LED Chip, Wafer, Lei Chip and Related Materials

Intelligent Home Furnishing System

Intelligent Lighting Control, Intelligent Home Appliance Control, Intelligent Door And Window Control, Family Background Music System, Video Intercom/ Monitoring System, Burglar Alarm System, Intelligent Home Energy Saving System, Intelligent Home Ecosystem, Integrated Wiring System


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