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Comments of clients on the exhibition -- From South China

It is the mission of the Shanghai International Lighting Expo “to create the maximum value for exhibitors and visitors.” Hence, the exhibition will showcase the maximum number of new products, provide best service and make it the most pragmatic one, thus leading the lighting industry to develop in the direction featuring health and fashion.


An exhibition will not be a successful one without the participation of distributors. Hence, the Shanghai International Lighting Expo in March, 2015 aims to attract a number of quality distributors throughout the country by means of an influential platform. 


Sophisticated service to be provided

Liang Guojian, General Manager of Qiandeng Store, Foshan


There were some drawbacks in the past lighting fairs: 1. No good selling point was available; and the arrangement of exhibitions was too plain to attract visitors; 2. The exhibits always feature the homogenization, lacking of innovative products; 3. The organizer failed to provide satisfactory services.


Then, how could we hold a successful lighting fair? Firstly, the organizer shall establish a selling point, and demonstrate the creativity in the arrangement; secondly, the organizer shall provide excellent service for exhibitors and visitors, especially for the participating enterprises. It shall provide sophisticated service. At last, innovation shall be highlighted in the exhibition of products. On the basis of these, the organizer may cooperate with relevant government departments to make a series of policies. It shall regulate or fight against any acts of copying and imitation in order to encourage the participating enterprises to demonstrate their new products.


NATIONSTAR hopes to release new products at the Shanghai International Lighting Expo in March, 2015. We hope that NATIONSTAR will make a new breakthrough in the product research and development. As far as the category of products is concerned, I hope that we can find more new environmental friendly products, such as the lamp which can generate electricity by its own heat. Meanwhile, the exhibition shall demonstrate more intelligent lighting products on the ground that this is one of the development trends of the industry in the future.


I also have three suggestions for the Shanghai International Lighting Expo in March, 2015: 1. The organizer shall provide multiple service selections for enterprises and clients, ensuring that they can participate in the exhibition with happiness and reassurance; 2. The organizer may support some small and medium-sized innovative enterprises, which can attract visitors by their products regardless of size; 3. The organizer may hold some activities in the exhibition to increase the interaction between the participating enterprises and visiting clients.


The exhibition to be transformed

Jiang Yingyun, General Manager of Shenzhen Sophie Lighting Co., Ltd.


The lighting industry has produced a lot of hot topics in this year, such as E-commence, O20 and intelligent lighting. In my point of view, these hot topics shall appear on the Shanghai International Lighting Expo in March, 2015, which shall be a platform with the cluster of enterprises and entrepreneurs’ wisdom. I hope to see some breakthroughs in these aspects by the organizer in the coming year’s lighting fair.


The new expectation of most people for the exhibition originates from the dissatisfaction with the past exhibitions. In my point of view, all kinds of setbacks occurring at the past exhibitions mean the certainty of the industrial development and the exhibitions are the miniature of the industrial development. So, the event in Shanghai is witnessing a transformation just like that of the macro-environment of the industry, which shall be dealt with earnestly by us.


Then, how will the lighting fair transform afterwards? I think that the lighting fair will develop in three directions: 1. It will transform from the demonstration of products to the provision of services. Nowadays there is a smooth information channel for enterprises and clients so that there is no need to learn about the industrial new trend or new products through the exhibition. Therefore, the exhibition shall provide any information which cannot be provided otherwise, namely, the services and activities of commercial value; 2. It will transform from the promotion of image to the form of an experience museum. If an enterprise is persistent in the promotion of image, the exhibitors will easily have the aesthetic fatigue. The enterprise shall create a perfect environment for lighting experiencing for clients so as to get the recognition thereof unconsciously; 3. It will systemize and classify all kinds of summits and activities. It will hold a series of activities as per the activity themes, such as E-commerce and intelligent lighting, gathering the best viewpoints of the enterprise representatives and the industry so as to create the correlation and collision and better lead the development of the industry.


I hope that the Shanghai International Lighting Expo in March, 2015 will be able to make breakthroughs in such transformation, presenting an authentic and high-quality lighting fair and attracting more lighting enterprises and companies.



Products constitutes foundation of exhibition

Guo Libing, General Manager of Shenzhen Bao’an Shajing Liya Lighting Co., Ltd.


In recent years, I seldom visited lighting fairs on the grounds that 1. No innovative products available, with the problem of serious homogenization; 2. During the exhibitions the costs of lodging and food at hotels and restaurants at the neighborhood increased tremendously, while the supporting service quality remained far from satisfactory; 3. The venue covered a large area, but lacked of the clear category of products and direction icons. It was difficult for visitors to find their favorite products. Instead, they could only have a hurried and cursory visit thereto and “retreat” after collecting some materials.


In my view, a good exhibition shall firstly conduct proper propaganda and the organizer and the participating enterprises shall intensify the propaganda strength. The exhibits shall be creative, high-tech and intelligent. The organizer shall attract major brand enterprises since they possess the capability of researching and developing innovative products. They shall lead at the front of the industry, guaranteeing the quality of their products. The supporting facilities shall move onto a higher grade to adapt to the exhibition size, giving clients and visitors a feeling of home.


As one of distributors, I would like to look for some products with unique and attractive appearance. If I can find them, I will communicate with the working personnel of the exhibition halls about them, learning about their features and functions, as well as whether they can be pushed to the terminal market. After learning them well, I will consider relevant cooperation.


There are exceptional geographical advantages for the holding of the Shanghai International Lighting Expo, which will attract visitors from all over the world. Meanwhile, it has attracted the participation of Grand Lighting All Media, a major brand in the industry with huge channel resources and strong ability of planning brand marketing. Therefore, it will become a most pragmatic event which will produce an abundant harvest for clients and visitors.



International brands to be invited

Long Zhizhen, General Manager of Shenzhen Unibond Electrical Lighting Co., Ltd.


New products are usually rarely seen at the domestic lighting fairs and there is prevalent phenomenon of copying, imitation and infringement of products in the industry so that the enterprises dare not demonstrate new technology and products. If we want to encourage the enterprises to demonstrate new products, the relevant government organs shall first of all formulate a series of policies to curb such acts of infringement; secondly, the exhibition organizer shall formulate and carry out some certain protective measures and supporting services, effectively restraining the copying and imitation of new products.


I hope that international known brands, such as Philips, OSRAM, GE and Panasonic, will participate in the exhibition. As representative brands, they will be taken as rivals in the production chain, bringing about the chances of mutual competition and learning among lighting enterprises. Only in such way will the exhibition become attractive, facilitating the development of the industry. On the other hand, the distributors can learn about the latest development of the industry.


I also hope to see some intelligent lighting products at this exhibition and hope that it will hold some summits or forums about O2O and B2B, which expose the latest dynamics of the industrial development. For example, the organizer can invite Alibaba to participate in the event to meet the wishes of domestic enterprises and clients.