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Distributors of the 2015 Shanghai International Lighting Expo

A successful exhibition cannot be without the participation of distributors. The Shanghai International Lighting Expo in March, 2015 will create a powerful platform to attract quality distributors from all over the country. As for the distributors in the lighting industry in East China, what does this fair at the door mean? Let’s listen to their opinions. 


l  Looking forward to the brilliant performance of the fair at the door
Zhang Yiping, General Manager, Shanghai Fengkang Commerce and Trade Co., Ltd.


On the whole, domestic lighting factories and companies are enthusiastic about the participation in the fair. They would find time to attend it, expecting to find something valuable brands and products. Practically, the fair is more like a grand party to us. In our ordinary time, we are all busy with our own businesses. So it will offer a great chance for all of us to have a get-together at the fair to communicate face to face about the development of the lighting industry. What a happy occasion it will be!


Two points are worth attention for the current lighting exhibitions in China: Firstly, the scale and influence of the exhibitions. About 10 lighting exhibitions are held in Shanghai each year, with smaller sizes and not many exhibitors and lack of a high reputation in the industry. Secondly, the professionalism of the exhibitions. Previously the lighting exhibitions would always held by non-lighting industry institutions, resulting in the lack of specialization.


As the lighting distributor in Shanghai, we heartedly hope that it will be a grand feast for the lighting enterprises in Shanghai. We are very confident about and look forward to the Shanghai International Lighting Expo to be held in March, 2015, which will be jointly held by Big Lighting All Media and Shanghai Modern International Exhibition Co., Ltd. From the hardware of the new exhibition complex and the supporting facilities in the neighboring area, plus a series of vigorous promotions of Big Lighting All Media, we are sure that this fair will become exceptionally successful.


l  The fair making lighting factories and companies satisfied will be like this.
Xu Huawei, General Manager, Hengzhou Weijia Lighting Co., Ltd.


I’m very optimistic about the Shanghai International Lighting Expo to be held in March, 2015. I think it a very essential and timely event, especially for the lighting enterprises in East China.


A fair which is eagerly expected by distributors shall be a platform to demonstrate brands and products so that we can source good products and get good services and cooperate with excellent manufacturers. Of course, the convenient communication and lodging are an important element. It will be painstaking for all parties involved in the exhibition for several days in a row, so it is a basic requirement to ensure the smooth transportation between hotels and the exhibition venue. In addition, the design and service of the venue will also influence the satisfaction degree of clients and visitors.


A Lighting Expo shall be a professional demonstration platform to be jointly held by an exhibition institution and the media. In such way can we not only do more than the exchange of business cards; instead, we shall arrange exchange activities such as salons and summit forums to attract the attention of exhibitors. All international brands, leading domestic brands and excellent brands shall appear at the Shanghai International Lighting Expo, At the fair, products like indoor and outdoor products, lighting products, lamps and lanterns and LED intelligent products shall be available.


l  The sought-after and profitable products
Mao Haibo, General Manager, Changzhou Boting Famous Lamps Club


Generally speaking, exhibitors aim to find something profitable products from the fair. Such products shall be innovative, characteristic and attractive. Besides, they hope to find the enterprises which can bring them profits and provide them with after-sales services.


A good fair shall be able to boost the development of an industry. However, in the past lighting exhibitions, the organizers often lacked of guidelines as well as scientific planning, resulting in a chaos in terms of booths, corporate image and products. In a word, the exhibitions were often arranged like a vegetable market. This is one of the important reasons why they could not attract adequate and high-quality exhibitors.


I suggest that the fair shall select to cooperate with some powerful enterprises. It should gather these enterprises to give a new face to the Lighting Expo, arranging it in an orderly manner. It should let the enterprises to swiftly find the desired clients. Of course, the organizer shall prepare the work much better to achieve this effect.


The Shanghai International Lighting Expo to be held in March, 2015 will be the largest lighting exhibition in East China ever since. I would like to attend it. Above all, it will be at our door. I hope that we can find something valuable at the fair this time.


l  No longer shall we find products far away
Zhao Zhiqiao, General Manager, Changzhou Zhiliya Lighting Co., Ltd.


Despite a multitude of lighting exhibitions held in China, few can fully satisfy the procurement requirements of clients. I used to take part in some domestic lighting exhibitions, but failed to find the proper products. Some exhibitions even were lack of necessary supporting facilities, causing tremendous inconvenience to us clients. Some other exhibitions went even further that the exhibitors outnumbered visitors. All these would throw the exhibitors into a kind of embarrassment.


Therefore, in my point of view, some aspects shall be properly handled if you want to hold a successful exhibition: I. Convenient transportation facilities; II. The pre-exhibition promotion shall be done to the full extent; III. There shall be complete supporting facilities for the exhibition; IV. The event shall attract excellent enterprises; V. It shall attract and maintain a proper flow of visitors.


We were very happy when Big Lighting All Media notified us of the Shanghai International Lighting Expo to be held in March, 2015 on the ground that the holding of such an event in East China just mean that no longer shall we travel to a distant place to source products. By participating the event, we still hope to meet some domestic and foreign famous enterprises which are competent in research and development and find the products which are absent in the market. Also we hope to find some foreign prevalent products, especially smart products, as well as the unconventional high-tech lighting solutions.


l  “Satisfaction” is the best
Chen Yong, General Manager, Xiamen Yihong Lighting Co., Ltd.


A good exhibition will always bring something attractive before the clients. It is true that there are lots of exhibitions everywhere now, but few good points and little novelty can be found therein. Also it is important to have proper supporting facilities ready for the exhibitions. If a visitor cannot find a place for meals at the site of the event, he would definitely feel disappointed. More importantly, the performance of the enterprises at the booths matters a lot, since our distributors would mostly care about whether he could find the satisfactory brands and products. This is closely related to the distributor himself on the ground that the orientation of the distributor would mean different demands for products and brands.


I hope that the brand enterprises to participate in the Shanghai International Lighting Expo to be held in March, 2015 will be able to meet some new LED enterprises, as well as some representative products, thereby they could judge the development trend of the industry. Intelligent products are the development direction of the industry in the future, or may be firstly applied in the engineering lighting field. They are also what I longer to see at the fair.


l  Hope the fair will become the largest of its kind in Asia
Tan Zengzhi, General Manager, Hefei Xinzhongyuan Lighting Products Wholesales Center


I’m confident that the Shanghai International Lighting Expo to be held in March, 2015 will produce a much better result than others thanks to its being held in Shanghai, an international metropolis. In particular, the construction and opening of the China(Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone facilitates foreign enterprises to import and export products through the zone and conduct the exchange of ideas and technology. If it can make full use of its advantages while avoiding any weakness, the fair will become the largest and best Lighting Expo in Asia.


The advanced transportation facilities in Shanghai will greatly benefit the Shanghai International Lighting Expo to be held in March, 2015. The advanced urban rail transportation can satisfy the traffic requirements during the exhibition. In addition, the 3600 Service of Big Lighting All Media will ensure the required service for the participants.


I suggest that Big Lighting All Media attract more famed enterprises to the event, while inviting some powerful factories and companies in the industry. Currently the conventional products usually dominated such exhibitions, while new products and new technology could be rarely seen. The reason may be that the exhibitors are afraid that their products or technology would be copied or imitated. Therefore, this fair should emphasize the protection of intellectual property rights and popularization of the knowledge thereof.