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APPPEXPO Thailand Means Opportunity

World Cup Russia 2018 has become the focal point in the world since it started. You might notice that the World Cup 2018 balls are all made in China. It’s really interested to know that the 1st automated football production line which requires only 10 people to operate could produce 1,000 footballs per day. In the process of producing thefootballs, the automated cutting machine replaced traditional one, and the screen printing gave way to the digital printing technology.  

These are all the common equipment in the advertising and signage industry. No doubt, they are all available at APPPEXPO.Making use of cross-technology platform to create customized products, it expressed vividly the advertising concept and creative designs.

Let us turn our attention to Thailand, which is an important partner of the "One Belt, One Road" initiative. From the macro-perspective of Thailand government, they have shifted from the economic model focusing on agricultural development to the development model of digital business center. East Economic Corridor (EEC) is the special zone of Thailand. Mr. Prayuth Chan-ocha, the Prime Minister of Thailand, once predicted that EEC will make the Thai economy take off as it did 30 years ago.

Driven by the “Made in China 2025”action plan, China, which is the largest importer of Thailand, will have higher quality and top-tech Chinese products to be used in the construction of EEC of Thailand. It involves top ten industries of air transport, new cars, smart electronics, advanced agriculture, biotechnology, food processing, tourism, robotics, healthcare, biomaterials and information technology.

Does it also have business opportunities for even larger advertising and sign industry in Thailand?

Nielsen Thailand announced the total amount of advertising expenditure by media type in March 2018. The expenditure of outdoor media is 567 million Thai baht. The digital display, digital signage and traditional categories of products will have greater demand.

Thailand's tourism has continued to heat up since 2016. It has become the preferred destination for Chinese travelers. The abundant tourist souvenirs, clothes and various peripheral products have large demand for high-end, customized digital printers, UV printers and digital printing machines.

Are you not excited about the endless potential of advertising and sign market in Thailand?! Don’t hesitate any more. Let’s get together to attend APPPEXPO Thailand and explore the market there.

APPPEXPO Thailand will take place at Hall 2-3 of IMPACT Thailand from Nov 8th-11th, 2018. It estimated to bring in professional visitors from 10 ASEAN countries, and over 150 exhibitors. The exhibiting area will exceed 10,000 sqm for Digital printing, Engraving and Cutting, Sign and Signage, Exhibition Equipment, POP & Commercial Equipment, Digital Signage, Digital Display, LED products, 3D printing technology and etc.  

If booking booth right now, you will get the following value-added services:

1. Free color page advertisement on APPPEXPO Thailand catalogue

2. Free Thailand and Burmese on-site translation

3. Free meal coupons (Restaurant near the expo)