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APPPEXPO Thailand Had Great Success

On 9th Nov, 2017, APPPEXPO Thailand and Sign Asia Expo 2017 had its brand opening at IMPACT Exhibition & Convention Center, Thailand. The exhibition was organized by Shanghai Modern International Exhibition Co., Ltd and IBRIX corporation of Thailand.

Mr. Sakkachat, the CEO of IBRIX corporation, made the first speech. He sincerely welcomed the participating members of Asia Advertisement Association(AAA) and Thailand local associations.

Mr. Dingguo Zhang, the president of AAA, made the following remarks and expressed heartfelt congratulations to exhibition organizer on the success opening of the exhibition. 

Mr. Shanhe Zheng, the supervisory board chairman of Shanghai East Best & Lansheng International (Group) Co., Ltd, accompanied with the representative of IMPACT and TABDA Association and other representatives from AAA attended the opening ceremony.

This is the first cooperation between APPPEXPO and Sign Asia Expo under One Belt One Road initiative. No doubt that APPPEXPO Thailand demonstrates the starting point of Chinese exhibitors expanding the Asian market. The Expo 2017 cover the total area of 10,000 square meters and attracted 123 exhibitors from all over the world. Among the 123 exhibitors, 42 of them were Chinese enterprises. It’s a big jump from the very small number of previous exhibition.

The Exhibition centers on the display of wide-format printing equipment, textile printing equipment, engraving equipment, supporting supplies, LED lighting and digital signage products. The exhibition attracted not only Chinese famous enterprises, like JHF, WIT-COLOR, Jingwei , but also the international brands, like HP and EPSON.

Due to Thailand’s rapid development of city construction, the demand of outdoor advertisements is getting higher and higher. This is definitely a great news for printing equipment enterprises. Meanwhile, Thailand is evaluated as the most visited tourist city in 2017, they are badly in need of both traditional signage and digital signage products, especially those products integrating traditional signage with digital signage techniques.

APPPEXPO Thailand caught a lot of attention from local media. They carried big reports about the exhibition. President Dingguo Zhang were interviewed by POSTTODAY, THANSETTHAKU, THAICCTV and Thailand branch of Xinhua News Agency.  

During the interview, President Dingguo Zhang introduced the 26 years history of APPPEXPO and the development planning of Shanghai International Advertising Festival(SHIAF). He also expressed his longings and wishes for Advertising and Sign Industry between Thailand and China. Meanwhile, FLAAR Reports gave special report about APPPEXPO Thailand.

It is known that two-party has reached consensus on next year’s SHIAF and AAA cooperation. The organizer of APPPEXPO Thailand will give every support on Thailand Advertisement artworks collection, they will also organize professional audience to attend APPPEXPO 2018.