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Shanghai Sign Street will be Built in APPPEXPO Thailand

The Variety show called as The Chinese Restaurant was recorded live on Kohchang.

The Chinese people will visit Thailand by high-speed rail.(The construction of railway between China and Thailand will start) 

There will be lots of highlights during APPPEXPO Thailand.

Thai Advertising Business Development Association(TABDA)will become the 18th member of Asia Advertising Association. TABDA have done the marketing promotion with about 20 leading local exhibitors in 5 main provinces in North (Chiangmai), Eastern (Chonburi), NorthEast (Udornthani)(Buriram) and Sounthern (Nakornsrithammarat) of Thailand. Each main province is nearby others provinces. In addition, TABDA also weekly visits Sign maker Shops in Bangkok and Greater bangkok i.e. Nontaburi, Samutprakarn to promote our show and dispatch catalogs Hot Price Hot Items! 

During the road show, we had the opportunities to have a face to face talk with the final users and buyers and know about what they need and think. The high cost of visiting the show from Thailand to China like flights and accommodation always make them mulling and hesitating. Now APPPEXPO Thailand will be held in conjunction with Sign Asia Expo and introduce more and more sign products from China. It follows the One Belt One Road, as well as supplies a best platform for Chinese sign products to be pushed to South East market.

Shanghai Sign Street will be built in APPPEXPO Thailand in this November and the local professionals and buyers are looking forward to finding very latest trend of China sign industry and the applications. Welcome to join in it.