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The 28th Shanghai International Ad & Sign Technology & Equipment Exhibition


July 21-24, 2020


National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai)

No. 333 Song Ze Avenue, Shanghai, China




APPPEXPO (full name: Ad, Print, Pack & Paper Expo), hosted by Shanghai Modern International Exhibition Co., Ltd. affiliated to Shanghai East Best & Lan Sheng International Group Co., Ltd. (DLG), has a history of 28 years and is also a globally famous brand certified by UFI (The Global Association of the Exhibition Industry).

Since 2018, APPPEXPO has played the key role of the exhibition unit in Shanghai International Advertising Festival (SHIAF), which has been listed as one of the four major international events of Shanghai. It gathers the Innovative products and the technological achievements from different fields including inkjet printing, cutting, engraving, material, signage, display, lighting, textile printing, express printing & graphic and packaging where the perfect integration of creative advertising and technological innovation can be fully presented.

As the most important part of APPPEXPO, Shanghai International Ad & Sign Technology & Equipment Exhibition (Ad & Sign Expo) aims to provide one-stop solutions for the advertising signage industry, open up the whole industry chain and explore the future development of the industry, as a link to allow China to see the world and the world to understand China.


With the 28 years of continuous development APPPEXPO, as the trading platform, always guides and maintains the industry development.


Entering the ever-changing digital age, the elements of APPPEXPO are increasingly diverse:

Whether it is the diversified exhibits, the forms of display, the channels of promotion, the sources of buyers, or the regions of market, it reflects the brand spirit of innovation, seeking and exploration;


Entering the open and receptive digital age, APPPEXPO is committed to seeking the path of connection and integration:

There are the Shanghai International Advertising Festival (SHIAF) integrating the whole industry chain, the China Sign Association of Equipment Suppliers (Shanghai) (CSA) gathering enterprises from different fields, the APPPEXPO Alliance integrating differentiated regional markets, and the Asia Advertisement Association (AAA) organizing numerous overseas exhibitions and resources all demonstrating our strong determination to embrace the future.


Multi-integration, two sides of the coin, leading APPPEXPO to a brighter future!



Inkjet printing, signage and exhibition & display have been the troika that leads the industry development of advertising technology and equipment, and also the three main exhibits of APPPEXPO. They have mutual intersections but focus on different points. After entering the digital age, in the face of the rise of new commercial retail, they are moving toward their own directions of revolution.


The essence of advertising is communication, the soul of it is creativity, and the goal of it is marketing. The development and the application of digital technology, combined with traditional inkjet printing, signage and exhibition & display, provide a powerful hardware support on how to better meet the needs of consumers in terms of content, form and experience, and to create wider and more effective communication effects.


The Digital Revolution of Inkjet Printing


Digital Printing —“The Engine Has Started”

The printing market is evolving from expanding to segmenting, individualizing and diversifying, showing a trend of resource aggregation and higher cohesion.

Industrial digital printing equipment mainly aims at high-end customer groups and their high-grade quality requirements, which involves the areas of commercial advertising, labels and packaging, etc.


Digital Textile Printing — “A Significant Technological Revolution”

Digital textile printing technology has the advantages of high efficiency, low proofing cost, good printing effect, less pollution, etc. ?

Digital textile printing will meet personalized needs of people and improve their quality of life.

Digital textile printing will directly promote the development of “Green Textiles” and “Green Manufacturing”.


Express Printing & Graphic—“Cultural Convenience Store”

It features high quality, high speed, small batch and fast change;

“Visual Digital” will become the mainstream trend of the development of graphic quick printing stores;

Personalized photobooks, Certificates & documents, book materials and T-Shirts, the precise production of bidding documents and the measurable printing of engineering drawings can be breakthroughs.


Creatively Designed Printing & Packaging Products —“Creating New Value”

From printing work to products, from corrugated paper to color box, the excellent creative design + high-end digital technology create endless new value;

It is personalized, flexible, and becoming a new digital label, complementing the tradition mutually and providing customers with entire solutions;

Digital technology pushes the upgrade and update of traditional enterprises, opens up the unlimited blue ocean, and achieves high-quality brand development.


The Digital Revolution of Advertising Signage


Digital Signage —"The Screen is Everywhere"

System-level chip technology, commercial-grade screens, LED display technology, high-definition projection, in-store music and other new digital signage technologies are used in digital commercial advertising.

The display content will be more personalized and more targeted, remotely updated and scheduled at any time, saving a lot of time and cost;

Interactive function will become the mainstream of the industry development, enabling interaction with consumers through visible and dynamic contents.


3D Printing —“Making The Impossible Possible”

The multi-dimensional capabilities of 3D printing technology in product concept design, prototyping, product review and functional verification can satisfy people’s psychological needs of seeing, touching and experiencing products.?

3D printing has the advantages of short production cycle, simple process, less labor cost, low production cost and fast delivery. It can quickly produce advertising signage products, giving customers the most intuitive and best visual experience.

From print ads to 3D print ads, numerous unthinkable effects are realized, which make the images in advertisers’ minds come true.


The Digital Transformation of Exhibition & Display


Digital Display —“Driving Future Breakthrough”  

Digital display is the specific application of digital sensing technology in the field of commercial display, and is the synthesis of virtual reality technology, augmented reality technology and artificial intelligence technology.

Digital display has been widely used in the areas of real estate, digital city, monument restoration, virtual tour, special effects of activities, project preview, industrial simulation, city planning, smart material, architectural design, culture and tourist attractions, industrial facilities and process simulation, video production, product display, etc.


Commercial Art Display —"Visual Enjoyment"

Taking environmental and decorative arts as the main body, combining the elements of commercial architectures, cultural characteristics, commercial operations, marketing planning and aesthetic demands;

Involve consumers in it and enable them identify with the brand and image of the business environment and strengthen the brand competitiveness;

According to the form of presentation and its function, it is mainly divided into four categories: business opening art display, festival art display, seasonal art display and daily art display.



APPPEXPO | New Normal · New Cooperation


With “The Belt and Road”, a national-level top cooperation initiative, developing the economic partnerships with countries along the route, will become the normal in the future of China. In the context of Sino-US trade war, it is urgent to strengthen "The Belt and Road" strategy to lead the construction of a new and open economic system and promote reform and development in various fields in China, especially the Supply-side Reform. The industry of advertising technology and equipment industry bears the brunt of the need to speed up product upgrades, broaden the channels of product sales through the establishment of platforms, and push the advertising equipment covering the entire industry chain to the global market.


APPPEXPO works closely with industry exhibitions, professional media and associations in dozens of countries around the world, with a range of influences on seven continents. The number of professional buyers (especially overseas buyers) has been increasing for 10 consecutive years. After the expo moved to the National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai), the growth boomed particularly.


Asia Advertisement Association (AAA)

The Asia Advertisement Association (AAA), led by APPPEXPO, was the most positive attempt. Since its inception in 2015, it has owned 31 regular members from 23 major Asian countries or regions and has gained great international influence. Members include: China, Taiwan of China, Hong Kong of China, Macao of China, South Korea, Japan, Kazakhstan, Malaysia, Pakistan, India, Iran, Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore, United Arab Emirates, Turkey, Indonesia, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Laos, Azerbaijan, Myanmar, etc.

With AAA, APPPEXPO has guided domestic companies to step out, take the initiative to open up overseas markets and participate in the international competition. Every year at APPPEXPO Shanghai exhibition, AAA members also organize their own professional buyers to purchase and participate in a series of activities.



APPPEXPO ALLIANCE was founded in 2019 and is headquartered in Shanghai, China. It is the system of brand exhibitions composed of global exhibitions in the industry of advertising signage. Its name and logo represent six original members: APPPEXPO SHANGHAI (the UFI-certified globally famous brand exhibition initiated in Shanghai by DLG in 1993), Shenyang International Advertising Festival, Chengdu International Advertising Festival, Beijing Sign Show, Jinan International Advertising Exhibition and APPPEXPO Thailand. The purpose of the alliance is to integrate exhibiting, visiting, on-site VIP room services, ticketing and other services. No matter where customers are, the experience of all exhibitors and professional visitors in the exhibitions can be improved.


Global Exhibiting Service

APPPEXPO has cooperated with dozens of professional exhibitions around the world and established a professional team to assist Chinese companies to participate in overseas exhibitions and provide professional one-stop exhibiting services. Meanwhile, specialized staff will be arranged to do on-site promotion and invite local professional buyers to APPPEXPO.





Here is the source of wisdom, here is the hatchery of dreams, here is the creative performance stage, and here is the arena of great works.


Advertising production needs the spirit of ingenuity with every single detail to be polished. It also needs the spirit of innovation with the pursuit of new knowledge and the exploration of new things. Under the theme of “Multi-integration, Driving the Innovation in the Digital Age”, APPPEXPO 2020 is going to hold lots of activities, so that all the participants can learn from it, compete in it, and enjoy it.


Ingenuity Craft Competition

The Ingenuity Craft Competition 2020 is going to face huge changes, introducing the brand owners and inviting the most novel and sparkling indoor and outdoor marketing solution providers and designers to create an interactive future brand space 4.0. The scope of the competition will be expanded to the solution providers in lighting, smart retail technology, visual marketing and store design, etc., based on the original areas of print ads production, 3D printing and props display. The shortlisted companies will be eligible to join in the cooperation project of future brand space 4.0.


It is proposed to invite the well-known media companies at home and abroad, the senior executives of cooperative brands and the leaders of relevant associations as judges to pick out gold, silver and bronze winners in each subdivided industry, which will be shown at the exhibition;

The gold winners of each segment of the industry will be awarded at the ceremony of Shanghai International Advertising Awards;

Cooperate with the brand owner, and the nominees of the Competition will provide the brands with flash plans, which will be exhibited during the Shanghai International Advertising Festival;

The nominees have the opportunity to publish on-site in the form of live forums during the same period.


Express Printing & Graphic Micro-class

The Express Printing & Graphic micro-class is a platform for learning and exchange for the industry. It is a class for professionals to learn, exchange , innovate and improve together. This is a high-standard learning platform and a high-quality exchange platform. Guided by pragmatism and perspectiveness, the class sets up courses such as “Lectures given by famous experts, Elites Sharing, Practical Exchanges, and Round Table Exchanges” to enable participants to learn effectively and make progress. Beginning from Shanghai, the micro-class is planned to be held in different cities, attracting industry talents to join us and share the wealth of knowledge and practical experience.


The Theme Activities of Digital Textile Printing

1. Theme Forum – Market Prospect

The big names gather to discuss the status quo and the future of the industry from multiple angles to further promote its development.

2. “Micro” Factory – The Latest Technology

From the design of pattern to the production of ready-made clothes, the whole production process based on the assembly line will be amplified to be displayed.

3. Hot Online Live Broadcast – Create the “Hottest" Style

Selling first and producing afterwards, the product with the “hottest” design will be live broadcast online, to create the production mode of zero inventory and zero order.

4. Design Competition - A New University-Enterprise Joint Mode

Still worried about the new pattern Let young people design!

Cooperating with universities to launch online digital printing design competition, displaying excellent products offline, and inviting professionals to decide on the winner to be awarded, more better-quality original design will be recommended!