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National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai)

Perfect Exhibition Venue,

Superior Design, First-Class Support

Facilities and Excellent ServicesJointly established by the Ministry of Commerce of the People’s Republic of China and Shanghai Municipal Government, National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai) 〔NECC(Shanghai)〕 is invested and operated by Shanghai Expo Co., Ltd. As a national exhibition project, National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai), based in the booming Yangtze River Delta, aims to serve China and the world with its cutting-edge design and well-equipped facilities. Its services will help promote China’s economic restructuring, expedite the transformation of economic growth patterns, and contribute to stable and healthy development of China’s economy and society.

NECC(Shanghai) will be the largest single building and exhibition complex in the world with a total construction area of 1.47 million square meters, among which 1.27 million square meters are above ground.

Facilities at NECC(Shanghai) include exhibition venue, the supporting commercial center, a Grade A office building, and a hotel. These four components of NECC(Shanghai) are joined together by an 8-meter-high elevated Exhibition Boulevard, so that people could easily traverse among the exhibition venue, the commercial area, the office building, the hotel and other functional areas.

Exhibition Facilities

Exhibition Area

NECC(Shanghai) has in total 500,000 square meters of exhibition area, among which, 400,000 square meters are indoor exhibition hall and 100,000 square meters outdoor exhibition venue. The indoor exhibition area is segmented into 13 big halls, each of 28,800 square meters, and 3 small halls, each of 10,000 square meters.Suitable venues could be provided for any exhibition or event, whatever its size to suit exact requirements.

Loaded Weight Allowance

NECC(Shanghai) also excels in the weight-bearing capacity. In terms of the ground load capacity, there are five big double-decker exhibition halls on 1F which can bear 3.5 tons per square meters, another five big halls and two small ones on 2F bearing 1.5 tons per square meters, and three big halls and one small hall on 1F North Wing are capable of handling up to 5 tons per square meters, which means these exhibition halls are particularly suitable for exhibitions of heavy industrial products.

Exhibition Space

On 1F North Wing, except for the one big hall as a double-decker structure, the remaining 3 halls are single-decker column-free with a clear height of 32 meters. The halls on 1F South Wing have 27×36 meters of column grid and 12 meters of clear height. Those big halls on 2F have 54×36 meters of column grid and 17 meters of clear height. Such spacious venues enable the exhibitors to display their imagination and craftsmanship to the utmost.

Meeting Facilities

NECC(Shanghai) prepares venues with leading facilities to well serve the complete spectrum of meetings from mini parties with dozens of persons to grand convention with thousands of attendees.

There are not only 28 small-sized meeting rooms (100-200 square meters for each) and 8 medium-sized rooms (300-500 square meters for each), but also a banquet room as large as 1,000 square meters and a grand 10,000-square-meter multi-functional hall accommodating 2,000-3,000 people. Perfect software and hardware facilities are designed to create pleasant and relaxed meeting environment.

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