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Highlights of AAA Online Meeting

The 2021 Asian Advertisement Association (AAA) online meeting was successfully held on the afternoon of March 15. In the context of the epidemic, the members of AAA have not only maintained their long-term cooperation and friendship, but also enhanced mutual exchanges, strengthened mutual collaboration, resisted the difficulties, and became more united.

Witness The Strength, Enjoy The Corporation

On 23rd July, 2020, APPPEXPO Shanghai came to its third day of exhibition. There are high-end exhibits, top technologies and wonderful demonstration on-site, attracting a large number of visitors in an endless stream, making the atmosphere unprecedentedly hot.Many exhibitors competed to launch new products, new designs, new technologies, new materials, new technologies and new strategies at the exhibition, indicating their charm even in the pandemic outbreak. Particularly, at the stands of the powerful enterprise in the five pavilions, endless customers had been attracted to visit and talk business.The successful holding of the 2020 APPPEXPO Shanghai has set a benchmark for the advertising and signage industry's recovery.

Approaching the local market- Textile Brief Pakistan

Facing the challenges arising from the sudden and unexpected outbreak of COVID-19, the APPPEXPO Committee is take use of the power influence of Asia Advertising Association and the platforms of inviting the professionals, the section of Approaching the Local Market will be posted on APPPEXPO's official social medias to build a business match between the exhibitors and visitors during the warm up before the new exhibition date. We have generally understood the whole Pakistan market in last issue. Now could you take up 10 mins to read the following content to learn more about the latest Pakistan’s textile printing industry? Through continuous warm-up, communication and sharing in the early stage, let us jointly wait for and look forward to the APPPEXPO 2020 with higher quality of participation and experience!

Secure a Brighter Future with APPPEXPO

The Shanghai Municipal Commission of Commerce issued a notice and a guideline on organizing convention and exhibition activities under strict epidemic prevention and control on May 11, which means that offline exhibitions in Shanghai will restart in an orderly manner to boost the economy. The guideline provides recommendations, best practices and principles for organizers to carry out to ensure the safety and health of all the participants. The organizing committee of Shanghai APPPEXPO hereby confidently announces that Shanghai APPPEXPO will come back this JULY, right in Shanghai! We are fully committed to hosting an engaging, informative and safe exhibition for all involved!

Policies are underway to revive and thrive APPPEXPO 2020

The great news everyone has been waiting for three months finally followed after Labor Day.On May 8th, China has put in place a set of guidelines to facilitate regular prevention and control of the novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) epidemic. The living areas such as shopping malls, supermarkets, hotels, restaurants can be fully opened to the public. The indoor places like tourist attractions, sports grounds, libraries, museums, art galleries and the closed leisure sites like cinemas, theaters, and recreation halls shall be reopened in an orderly and category-based manner.Meanwhile, the local governments of Shanghai and Guangdong Province announced to the public that they will readjust the level of major public health emergency response from second to third from 0:00 on May 9.

July 21-24,2020—the New Date of Shanghai APPPEXPO has been scheduled

Today, we, the organizing committee of APPPEXPO, confidently announce that Shanghai APPPEXPO will be scheduled at NECC from July 21-24, 2020 and we will take a lead in bringing anefficient trading showwith full safe guarantee to all the fellows among ad, sign, printing and packaging industry.

Notice: APPPEXPO 2020 Has Been Postponed

We are very sorry for the inconvenience caused by the exhibition’s postponement. We will keep close communication with relevant departments. The latest exhibition date will be determined according to the development of the situation. We will promptly inform you and assist in arranging the follow-up work.


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