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Ada | It rocks!

Ada Pumps Up the Cross Industries


Cultural Creativity-- A New Means to Show a Charismatic APPPEXPO


The organizing committee of APPPEXPO has collected the design of cultural and creative products and derivatives integrating " Ada" elements, opened the authorization of the exhibition mascot "Ada", and carried out online topic linkage with industry exhibitors, cross-border joint efforts with high-quality exhibitors to create the exclusive periphery of brand IP, combine the latest technologies and products of the enterprise, stimulate the infinite creativity of exhibitors and break the joint name of dimensional trend.



Ada Explains the Inspiration Source of this Hot Case



Follow the Past & Create the Future


The organizing committee of APPPEXPO has independently developed and newly created the exhibition super IP image of Ada which is the starting point to combine the trends and creativity, find the new value of exhibition and finally the organizing committee of APPPEXPO will have the super symbolof it own exhibition brand.



A Stimulus to Industry Development

The organizing committee of APPPEXPO has always been standing at the forefront of the industry in response to the changing situation and opening up new situations, constantly explore the cross-border cooperation between ad & sign and printing industry and emerging industries, so as to stimulate the vitality f different industries in the new era of cooperation, and present a very cutting edge of the exhibition for people in the industry! On the 30th birthday of APPPPEXPO, the organizing committee will try again to breaking industry boundaries, focus on the commercial value and industry status of cultural and creative industries to make the exhibition more vigorous.





A Mission of Industry Future

Facing the great changes in the global industrial pattern in recent years, the organizing committee of APPPEXPO has been playing a role of the leader, advisor and planner of the industry to shoulder the mission of advancing with the times, grow together with enterprises and promote the sustainable development of the industry.