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Witness The Strength, Enjoy The Corporation

On 23rd July, 2020, APPPEXPO Shanghai came to its third day of exhibition. There are high-end exhibits, top technologies and wonderful demonstration on-site, attracting a large number of visitors in an endless stream, making the atmosphere unprecedentedly hot.

Many exhibitors competed to launch new products, new designs, new technologies, new materials, new technologies and new strategies at the exhibition, indicating their charm even in the pandemic outbreak. Particularly, at the stands of the powerful enterprise in the five pavilions, endless customers had been attracted to visit and talk business.

The successful holding of the 2020 APPPEXPO Shanghai has set a benchmark for the advertising and signage industry's recovery.

New Tricks, New Experience

The two highlighted themed exhibition areas in the 3H Pavilion were most attractive to the audience.

Among them, APPPEXPO Shanghai & World in The Palace launched of the " Rejuvenation: The Palace Impression " jointly, which includes four exhibition areas of clothing, accommodation, recreation and education. With the latest means of exhibition and immersive IP experience, it demonstrated the fusion of brand and display. 

In the personalized custom experience display area, digital printing and related production brand enterprises like Fei Yeung Union, KEUNDO, HandTop, Easy Buy, JWei, Da Cheng Guang Chi, YSD, BROTHER, IPCTECH, etc., presented their leading equipment, technologies with unlimited charm.

Online & Offline, Live & Forum

The APPPEXPO Live Broadcast and the forum summits with gold content in the 3H Pavilion had attracted a large number of fans and viewers, online and offline.

The "APPPEXPO Global Live Broadcast - Peru Session" organized by APPPEXPO and the ICA Chamber of Commerce in Peru provides a new form of "cloud platform" which eliminated the geographical restriction, enabling communication between organizers, exhibitors and buyers. During the webinar, more than 30 brand enterprises representatives acted as anchors to promote goods through the online platform by introducing their new products and technologies to customers around the world. What’s more, the on-site "Creation & Inspiration" creative design forum summit and the "Touch & Go" high-end digital inkjet development forum gave high-quality professional presentations, knocking out the audience.

During the four-day exhibition, the wonderful online and offline activities give exhibitors, suppliers and all buyers more opportunities to communicate equally on the platform provided by APPPEXPO, letting them learn more about the latest industry information and feel the charm of the 2020 APPPEXPO Shanghai.

Spread Good News, Boost More Confidence

In the waves of positive response to the epidemic and active resumption of production nationwide, as considered to be the bellwether on the development of the advertising and signage industry, it is responsibility for APPPEXPO take on the mission of the time. APPPEXPO insist to adhere to the brand concept of innovation and exploration, move ahead of the trend, seek for change actively, forge ahead, commit to breaking the barriers between upstream and downstream industries in various fields, fully realize the zero distance docking of resources and build a mutually beneficial and win-win interface for exhibitors and audience. This year’s exhibition focused on promoting trading and docking projects to promote industrial recovery. As exhibitor and buyer reached cooperative intention, the exhibition came to a crescendo!

APPPEXPO gets a good report to surmount the difficulty. The 2020 APPPEXPO Shanghai not only showed fruitful results of industrial development and future trend of the industry, but also reflected the enthusiasm and initiative of the industry and enterprises to transform and upgrade in order to improve efficiency, thus created a platform to upgrade the industrial level.