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Secure a Brighter Future with APPPEXPO

The Shanghai Municipal Commission of Commerce issued a notice and a guideline on organizing convention and exhibition activities under strict epidemic prevention and control on May 11, which means that offline exhibitions in Shanghai will restart in an orderly manner to boost the economy. The guideline provides recommendations, best practices and principles for organizers to carry out to ensure the safety and health of all the participants. The organizing committee of Shanghai APPPEXPO hereby confidently announces that Shanghai APPPEXPO will come back this JULY, right in Shanghai! We are fully committed to hosting an engaging, informative and safe exhibition for all involved!

After experiencing a period of temporary stagnation, attending exhibitions can be regarded as one of the most effective and productive measures to rebound the economy and seize the market share. We are fully confident that, we will bring you a feast of opportunities this summer!

1. As China has COVID-19 under control and continues to consolidate the initial success. Most of the enterprises have been reopened and the economy is showing a steady momentum of recovery. It is very likely that the consumption demand will bounce back quickly. This July 21-24, in Shanghai, APPPEXPO will provide you with infinite opportunities to meet suppliers and source equipment, and establish strategic relationships with innovative practitioners in one place.

2. This unpredictable event severely undermines the economy and our societies, inevitably moving us from a booming economy to threatening recession and businesses closing nationwide. As the market crashes and business conditions are not favorable, it is time for businesses who have good practices and forward-looking strategies to capture business opportunities and further scale the business. During this critical point, most leading enterprises will take actions that enable them to accelerate, so they can survive this recession and thrive when the crisis ends.

3. APPPEXPO is always committed to supporting the exhibitors to achieve success in their fields in the past 28 years. Along the way, we strive to embrace creativity and innovation to sustain a competitive edge. At this critical point, we, as the organizing committee of Shanghai APPPEXPO, make our move to an Online-to-Offline (O2O) model. This O2O solution is delicately tailor-made to further strengthen our online services, providing people with the convenience to trade and negotiate through our newly developed channels: (Online Event Platform & Live Stream Platform). The Online Event Platform aims to provide practitioners with 24/7 visitor and exhibitor engagement. We strive to do our part to bridge the gap between demand and supply sides, supporting all the exhibitors to meet the challenges and soften the blow during this critical time. During the exhibition, Live Stream Platform will be launched and is available for all the exhibitors. This platform can be used to set up a live stream, and practitioners around the globe can be invited to join in. APPPEXPO has been collaborating with hundreds of local and overseas media, which enables us to receive tremendous global media coverage. APPPEXPO has also been working with several Advertising Associations worldwide, with their hands, we are able to provide the exhibitors with infinite opportunities to reach a broader and wider market.

Seize opportunities and secure a brighter future with APPPEXPO!

This July 21-24, APPPEXPO is here for you!