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APPPEXPO 2019 Provides with One-Stop Solutions

Mar 5th-8th, 2019

National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai)

Being as one of the important components of APPPEXPO, the 27th Shanghai International Ad & Sign Technology & Equipment Exhibition will take place at National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai) from March 5th to 8th, 2019.


Since 2018, APPPEXPO has played the key role of Shanghai International Advertising Festival (SHIAF), which has been listed as one of the most important international events of Shanghai Municipal Government.

APPPEXPO provides one-stop solutions for the advertising and sign industry. It brings inkjet printing, cutting, engraving, display and exhibition methods all together, and creates a personalized project across technology platforms. APPPEXPO shows the advertising concept and exquisite creative design that emerged in the SHIAF. It opens up the whole industry chain and forms a complete system from inspiration conception, creative design to content implementation. In the future, APPPEXPO will use SHIAF as a link to allow China to see the world and the world to understand China.

By then, it is estimated that over 200,000 professional visitors from 100-plus countries will attend APPPEXPO 2019. It will also bring in more than 2,000 companies from over 30 countries and regions to participate in the exhibition as well. The total exhibition area will exceed 230,000 square meters. The exhibits include: digital printing, engraving and cutting, signage, exhibition equipment, POP & commercial facilities, digital signage, digital display, LED products, 3D printing technology and more others.

APPPEXPO: Following the Initiative of "One Belt One Road" and Seeking the Global Development

The new strategy of “One Belt One Road”has brought APPPEXPO more vigorous developing vitalities. Drawing on its international influence, APPPPEXPO has attracted more overseas first-class buyers and sellers to actively participate in the expo. Now it has already become a platform for numerous local and foreign enterprises to first release their new technologies and equipment each year, which has broadened the product sales channels and brought competitive advertising printing products continually to the global market.

Asia Advertisement Association (AAA) has been established by APPPEXPO since 2015. It has members of advertising associations from 18 mainstream countries and regions in Asia and has gained great international influence. In 2019, 4 new members including Hong Kong, China, Macau, China, Nepal and Azerbaijan will be approved for membership. The AAA is expanding into North Asia, West Asia, Central Asia and South Asia and will strive to expand to 25 members by 2020.

With the advantages of AAA, APPPPEXPO is leading Chinese advertising, sign and printing companies to actively go into the world market with huge steps, take the initiative to open up overseas markets and participate in the international competition.

In addition to the AAA member countries and regions, APPPEXPO also cooperate with world exhibitions and media from dozens of countries, which makes impact over 7 continents. The number of overseas buyers has been growing for nine successive years, especially the past three years. Till 2018, its overseas visitors have exceeded 40,539.

New Drive Force

  • Digital Printing 2025-Leading the Industry in the Forefront

As a new subdivision industry, digital printing is a hot spot in the world's printing market in recent years. It is estimated that by 2018, the output of global digital printing industry will reach USD 187.7 billion, accounting for 20% of the printing market share. As the global printing industry is undergoing transformation, and the volume of off-set printing is falling, the rapid development of digital printing has supported the market of the entire printing industry. It will continue to adopt market innovation, cutting-edge technology and digital printing trends to lead the industry in the forefront.

Thanks to its advantages of variable data printing, personalized printing, network printing, and online processing, digital printing has enjoyed rapid growth in the world market in recent years. Digital printing meets people's need for fast, personalized, and diverse prints. Industrial digital printing equipment is mainly aimed at high-end customer customers and their high-grade quality requirements. It involves the field of commercial advertising, labels and packaging.

  • Digital Textile Printing-Another Blue Ocean for Inkjet Printing Market

With its advantages of high efficiency, low proofing cost, good printing effect, less pollution, digital printing technology not only inherits the advantages of traditional printing, but also makes use of high technology to create a new situation. At present, the investment income of digital printing is 3.5 times higher than traditional printing. It meets the diverse medium and high-end needs of the market. It is opening for inkjet service providers to explore new opportunities-Advances in ink technology and media, as well as upgraded printer products have made textile market, fashion market, specialty stores, sports marketing, sportswear markets and event promotion more attractive. For example, the team uniforms of World Cup Nigeria were produced by high-quality customized digital printing machine.

  • Digital Signage-A Burst of Growth Point of Advertising and Sign Industry

The global digital signage market is expected to maintain a compound annual growth rate of 8.21% from now to 2022. In 2018, the digital signage has greatly shortened the distance of the user and product. As one of the world's largest digital signage markets, China still has a large space for development on the technical level, especially the high-end market. In commercial advertising, the demand for digital signage is also growing. Many international brands and local brands have entered. In this age, chip technology, commercial-grade screens, LED display technology, high-definition projection, in-store music and other digital sign technologies are used in digital commercial advertising.

  • Digital Display-Interactive marketing will be the driving force for the future development of the advertising industry

Digital display is a specific application of digital perception technology in the field of commercial display. It is a combination of VR technology AR technology and AI technology.

In 2018, with the gradual maturity of VR technology, capital will gradually enter and the market scale will further expand. China's VR market size will exceed RMB10 billion. With the content consumption habits of Chinese consumers develop step by step, and the income of VR software gradually increases, the ecological circle will initially form.


AR technology can integrate multimedia information display with industrial simulation maintenance, television program production, project display, innovative marketing and O2O. AR hardware has a wide range of applications. It is estimated that by 2020, the global augmented reality market revenue will reach USD 120 billion.

  • 3D Printing—Revolutionary technology in the field of advertising production

The 3D printing technology has attached great importance to the developed countries. China also has a strong policy supporting for 3D printing.  In 2018, the 3D printing market will reach USD 2.25 billion in China, and by 2022 it is estimated to reach USD 8 billion.


It is worth mentioning that the role of 3D printing in the field of advertising and sign has been very significant. 3D printing has the advantages of short production cycle, simple technology, low labor cost, low production cost. It produces very quickly the advertising and sign products. The significance will inject new vitality into the advertising and sign industry. In today's world, people are looking for visible and tangible products. No doubt, the multi-dimensional capabilities of 3D printing technology are perfectly meet their needs.

Exhibits Profile

Hall 1: Engraving Machines

Engraving Machines | Laser Engraving Machines | CNC Engraving System | Tools and Fittings | Sign Production Equipment | Vacuum Forming Machines | Acrylic Equipment | Cutting Machines | Cutting Plotters | Bending Machines | Polishing Machines etc.


A full range of cutting-edge CNC engraving machines and cutting equipment brands bring a wide range of lifestyle and industrial applications.


Hall 2: Signs and Digital Signage

Signs | Signage Products | Tri-vision and Multi-vision Billboards | New Media | Digital Signage | LCD Advertising Machines | 3D Products | Light Boxes | Luminous Products | LED Display Screens | LED/LCD TVs etc.


APPPEXPO 2019 will focus on both traditional and digital signage while showing the advanced “Touch and Response” technology of digital signage.


Hall 3 & 4.1: International Brands

Digital Printing Equipment | Digital Image Technology Output Equipment | Digital Textile Printing Equipment | Advertising Consumables etc.


The newly expanded International Brand Halls invite you to enjoy the global advertising and signage industry, especially the top brands in the field of digital printing.


Hall 5.1: Media, Substrates & Inks

Flex Banner Fabrics | Glue Products | Reflective Materials | Photographic Paper and Outdoor & Indoor Digital Printing Consumables | Inks | Printing Inks | Acrylic Plates | PVC Foam Boards | Aluminum Composite Panels etc.


APPPEXPO 2019 presents you massive materials, media and ink brands. The number and variety surely will exceed your imagination.


Hall 6.1: Exhibition Displays

Exhibition Equipment | Portable Exhibition Equipment | Display Stands and Other POP Products | Commercial Decoration Materials | Shelves and Product Display Cabinets | Equipment for Sales Promotion | Holographic Projections | Interactive Multimedia | Augmented Reality | Virtual Reality | 3D Displays etc.


APPPEXPO 2019 will help exhibiting companies to enhance product image, attract customers and stimulate purchase desires.


Hall 7.1 & 8.1: Digital Printing Equipment & Supplies

Digital Printing Equipment | Outdoor and Indoor Digital Photo Printing Equipment | UV Flatbed Printer | UV Printer for Coiled Material | UV Coil Printer|

Digital Image Technology Output Equipment | Banner Machines | Cold Laminating Machines |  Feeder Machines | Hot Laminating Machines | Printing Equipment Related Supplies and Accessories etc.


China's digital printing equipment brands gather together to demonstrate the all-round progress and tremendous power of Chinese manufacturing.


Hall 8.1: Digital Textile Printing

Digital Inkjet Textile Printing Equipment | Digital Inkjet Textile Printing System | Textile Printing Products | Digital Textile Printing Consumables etc.


Digital textile printing technology will lead to changes in the design and production of printed fabrics, creating printed patterns to better satisfy customer needs.


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