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Further Exploring 3D Printing Technology at APPPEXPO 2019

The 3D printing technology makes it possible toturn flat advertisement to 3D advertisement. With the function of displaying the features and highlights of the products in an all-round way, it achieves the effects which flat advertisements could not realize. Being as the representative technology of new industrial revolution, 3D printing plays an extremely important role in the “Made in China 2025” program. It grows at an average rate of 30% per year and would have a broader space for development. 

At present, 3D printing technology is mainly applied in the research and development of high-precision industrial products in China, while European and American countries have already used it in advertising, printing and packaging field as well as brand product marketing. We believe that 3D printing technology will drive new technology revolution in the advertising printing and packaging industry.

As renowned advertising and sign industry festival around the world, APPPEXPO is heading into its 27th years. In recent years, 3D printing technology has came to the fore in APPPEXPO. We already had 3D printing exhibitors of MASSIVIT (from Israel),Flashforge, 3D Ant Tec and other more 3D printing companies participating in APPPEXPO 2018.

At “SHIAF Award·Ingenuity Craft Competition”, which was held in conjunction with APPPEXPO 2018, 3D printing technology was even more brilliant. The creative advertising applications like EFI advertisement of “Fresh Lemon carbonated flavor soft drink”, swissQprint 3D printing technology, Mimaki's full-color 3D bright shades and other cutting-edge production process all gave us the opportunity to view how 3D printing technology can be applied in the advertising industry.

In April 2018, Shanghai International Advertising Festival(SHIAF) has officially been listed into one of the most important international festivals in Shanghai. As the exhibition section of SHIAF, APPPEXPO 2019 will take place at NECC,Shanghai in Mar 2019.

The 1st edition of Shanghai International 3D Printing Technology Exhibition will present exhibits including 3D printing equipment, 3D printing software, 3D printing supplies and 3D printing services.

It is estimated that the exhibition would receive over 200,000 professional visitors from around 100 countries for visit and purchase. Exhibitors from more than 30 countries will showcase their products, services, solutions and brand image covering fields of digital printing technology equipment, digital printing, advertising media, engraving machines, signage & digital signs, exhibition equipment, POP, LED products, 3D printing technology and etc.

Exhibits Profile

  • 3D Printing Equipment

3D printer, Laser engraving machine, 3D laser engraving machine, laser plate making, laser equipment, 3D measuring instrument, 3D camera, 3D laser scanner, etc.

  • 3D Printing Software

Three-dimensional design system, motion capture system, three-dimensional photogrammetry system, detection and reverse engineering software, three-dimensional inspection software, popularization and application of 3D design software, printing software, etc.;

  • 3D Printing Supplies

Photosensitive resin, plastic powder material (nylon, nylon glass solder, nylon carbon fiber, nylon aluminum powder, Peek material), metal powder material (die steel, titanium alloy, aluminum alloy and CoCrMo alloy, iron nickel alloy), ABS/PLA raw materials

  • 3D Printing Services

Modeling and printing services, measurement and scanning services, design and product customization services.


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