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Globle Recruits for Shanghai International Advertising Awards

The First Shanghai International Advertising Awards(SHIAF Awards) is officially starting recruitment on November 6, 2017. As a symbol of Shanghai International Advertising Festival(SHIAF), SHIAF Awards collects advertising artworks from outstanding enterprises, creative companies, media organizations and university institutions all over the world. All participating companies can check the entry information and complete registration via

SHIAF Awards commit to establish Chinese largest advertising awards. The theory of SHIAF Awards is to honor individuals, enterprises and teams which have outstanding performance in leading development of industry and trends, or demostrating the ideas of creativity, or possessing effectiveness. 

SHIAF Awards are classified into 6 categories. They are including Creative Works, Marketing Communication, Innovative Applications, Public Service Advertising, Annual Enterprise and Annual Elite. Among them, all international participants would have the opportunity to apply for awards in Creative Works category, Marketing Communication category, Innovative Applications category and Public Service Advertising category. The following timeline highlight important dates of the competition.


Competition Timeline


Start Date for Globle Recruits


Deadline for Recruits

Mid Jan 2018

First Judging Session

Early Mar 2018

Final Judging Session

28-31 Mar 2018

Winners Announcement


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