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The Katz Group dates back to the year 1716, when Johann Georg Katz established a sawmill in Weisenbach, Germany. In 1903, the company began to commercially exploit the wood waste produced by the sawmill, launching a product line of ‘moulded pulp drip mats’: The beer mat, or coaster, was born! Today, The KATZ Group supplies beer mats to 45 countries spread across five continents. 

The company’s product portfolio has expanded over the years to encompass far more than just beer mats. KATZ wood pulp board is used in the packaging industry and is also processed by The KATZ Group into KATZ DISPLAY BOARDS.

Particularly for POS campaigns, KATZ DISPLAY BOARDS offer an eco-friendly alternative to foam boards, PVC boards and similar items. KATZ DISPLAY BOARDS are typically laminated with glazed paper and are available in different sizes and in thicknesses ranging from 1.2 mm to 5.0 mm.