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The 24th Shanghai International Ad & Sign Technology & Equipment Exhibition


National Exhibition & Convention Center (Shanghai)

March 9th -12th, 2016

All kinds of ad & sign products are fully displayed.


APPPEXPO/ad & sign

The Flagship Exhibition in Ad & Sign industry

Shanghai International Ad & Sign Technology & Equipment Exhibition (Shanghai Ad & Sign Expo) is the sub brand of APPPEXPO. Shanghai Ad & Sign Expo has built a high-level one-stop business platform for exhibitors and buyers after 23-years cultivation to create a lot of records such as show area, the number of brand exhibitors and exhibit, visitor amount, country number and exhibition turnover.


Shanghai Ad & Sign Expo 2015 has been relocated at National Exhibition & Convention Center (Shanghai) which is the first class venue in the world. During the exhibition, every exhibitor has got lots of orders and the visitors have learned the top technology, the advanced equipment & materials and the most creative ad design. In addition, the various on-site events, the powerful promotion by public media and the fantastic performance by the exhibitors have caught all the participants’ eyes.






Dilli has started to develop the digital UV printers from 2001 and its products have got the good reputation in the market. The top venue, top exhibition and professional UV printer manufacturer have brought the visitors the very latest UV printers. The trading volumes are higher than before. We truly hope APPPEXPO 2016 make a great success.


Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P.

After the several- years development, APPPEXPO has been one of the biggest exhibitions among the industry and become the platform for industry exchange, new product launch and business negotiation. Hope APPPEXPO will make the great breakthrough in the future.



Durst has entered into the Chinese market since 2013 and promoted well with the help of APPPEXPO. During four-day show, our booth has attracted lots of visitors to learn about the top industrial UV inkjet printing machines. As the global digital inkjet printing industrial leader, Durst will bring more application experience and hope APPPEXPO 2016 will give us more surprise.


JHF Printer

APPPEXPO 2015 is better than the ones in the previous years. We have got 70 million trading volumes. Thanks for the organizers‘preparation and hope APPPEXPO will become more and more professional.


Tunderly Digital Output Shanghai Co.,Ltd.

APPPEXPO has the first class exhibitors and visitors with the best on-site events. The exhibition has enjoyed the good reputation and industry appeal among the ad machine suppliers, ad manufacturers and advertisers.


Our ThinkingThe Innovation of Traditional AD & Sign


Internet+ Times

Internet + Thinking

Internet+ Traditional Fair =Taobao

Internet+ Traditional Department Store Industry=

Internet+ Traditional Bank=Alipay Wallet

Internet+ Traditional Transportation= Didi Taxi

Internet+ Traditional Ad & Sign Equipment=?

We’re now in the era of Internet+ Idea.


In the government work report of 2015, Premier Li Ke Qiang initiated Internet + Action Plan to aim to promoting the integration of Mobile Internet, Cloud Computing, Big Data and Internet of things to bring the new opportunities and development .Thus, could we add Internet into traditional ad equipment industry?


Hope you can give us your answers in APPPEXPO.


Digital Inkjet Printing

UV Digital is widely used in

Construction Decoration | Textile Printing & Dyeing | Glass & Ceramic | Paper & Packaging

Very different fields with the same technology

UV digital inkjet printing is widely implemented to various materials and objects and it can meet the different production demand whether the personal process or industrialization.

During APPPEXPO, your excellent products will attract the professional buyers’ great attention and you will get the unexpected harvest.


Exhibition Furniture  

Green+ Idea

Energy Saving & Environmental Protection | No Side Effect | Recycled

The Trend of Future Display Design & Production & Sustainable Development.

The new and portable ad exhibition and commercial facility will give the visitors great impression. The idea of Green Display” will also improve the products level to emphasis the artistic effect.

On the site, you will experience a visual feast to 


Digital Signs

The Creativity of Screen

HD Display | Interactive Communication | Multivariate Application |Smart Technology

Catch the Technology Developing Opportunity

Digital Signs have greatly changed the traditional mode of information dissemination. All above mentioned advantages can meet the diverse, comprehensive and personalized requirements and the unique demands of the indoor display market.

APPPEXPO is the best platform gathering the very latest products and top technologies to give you the maximum participation effect. 


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