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Shanghai Int’l Four New Advertising & Sign Technology & Equipment Exhibition

Shanghai Int’l Four New Advertising & Sign Technology & Equipment Exhibition has witnessed the cultivation and development of China’s advertising technology manufacturers. Concurrently held with ES Build, the exhibition will be held at Shanghai New Int’l Expo Center on next July.

The inkjet printing technology has been widely used in building materials and it will lead the future of building sanitary ceramics, glass and decoration. The joint of these two exhibitions is to follow the industry developing future.

It is estimated that Shanghai Int’l Four New Advertising & Sign Technology & Equipment Exhibition will invite about 500 exhibitors covering 30,000 square meters show area and over 20,000 professional visitors from home and abroad in the coming 2015. This exhibition will bring more business opportunities for all the participants.

Exhibition Advantages

Golden Geographical Location: As the biggest industrial base, the largest foreign trade port and the economic & trading center in China, Shanghai is the door for the world to enter into the whole China.

Famous Brand Exhibition: With the development of 20-years development, the exhibitions have had the great influence to become the industry vane.

Powerful Organizing Experience: The organizers have kept the good relationship with the relevant government departments and invite the buyer groups with the great help from the overseas professional associations.

All round Overseas Promotion: After the global promotion, the foreign visitors occupy over 20%.

Effective and Accurate Buyer Database: Every year, the organizers will make the special team to update the buyer database to keep it always accurate and will share the relevant exhibitions’ database to increase the amount of the database.

The Global Marketing Promotion

Visitor Inviting

The organizers will cooperate with the administrative department of advertising industry, advertising associations and societies, the professional magazines and the local and overseas partners to invite the more and more visitors to come into the exhibition.

Exhibition Advertisement

Make the advertisement on professional websites, magazines and exhibitions.

Marketing Tools

DM, SMS, Mass Mailing, Outdoor Advertising, Newspaper, Radios and Televisions and Websites

Marketing Brochures

Printed brochures, entrance tickets, show directory, visitor guide, exhibit preview, the special editions of newspaper and advertising and information pack will be sent to the target.

Concurrent Activities

The organizers will arrange the various events to improve the exhibition level.