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APPPEXPO 2016/Summer is Coming Soon

Coming to this show was an eye opening experience for me as well as a great business experience.

APPPEXPO 2016/summer, also called Shanghai 4New Ad & Sign Technology & Equipment Exhibition, will be held in Shanghai International Expo Center, Shanghai on July 5-7, 2016.

The show is a sub-brand of APPPEXPO, the largest expo brand of the world in ad & sign industry, organized by CHINAMIE and CSA (China Sign Association).

Why you come to APPPEXPO 2016/summer? We will give you the four reasons.

1. APPPEXPO 2016/summer is the first expo in China Sign Market in the second half of the year

APPPEXPO 2016/summer will be held in the first week of July and is also the first expo in China Sign Market in the second half of the year. More than 200 exhibitors, who sell digital printers, Media & Substrates, Inks & Materials, Flex & Fabrics, Displays and Signage, LED Screens & lamps, are eager to have a good start in the expo.

In addition, APPPEXPO 2016/summer will be held concurrently with two other expos, ESBUILD and SITE. ESBUILD is a service and trading platform, which aims at providing an overall solution of green building materials with simplicity, safety and innovation. And SITE, the abbreviation of Shanghai International Tent Expo, is a professional platform in tent house industry.

2. APPPEXPO 2016/summer have got many supports from AAA (Asian Advertisement Association)

AAA (Asia Advertisement Association), founded in APPPEXPO 2015, is a union of Asian Ad & Sign Association and Expos, which has 15 member economies now, such as China, HK, India, Indonesia, Iran, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Pakistan, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, Vietnam, UAE, etc. And several other organizations from Kazakhstan, Nepal, Sri Lanka, are currently applying to join. All the members have brought APPPEXPO 2016/summer into their list of Recommending Exhibitions and will help to promote.

3. APPPEXPO 2016/summer supply you the trade matching service in advance

In order to provide you better service and optimize your efficiency, we will supply you the trade matching service in advance. You may tell us the products interested by email or login the website, so that we will arrange a schedule for you to meet the exhibitors to reduce the waste time of searching.

4. Shanghai, a wonderful place to do business and tourism

APPPEXPO 2016/summer will be held in July, a good time of vacation and relax. Shanghai is a good place to experience the life mixed Eastern and Western cultures. And the Magic Disneyland in Shanghai is also newly built and just open to the public in June.

We hope you have a successful business trip and enjoy a wonderful journey. The detail info of the expo and exhibits is to be expected in the next letters. Or you can contact Ms. Eveline Luo (Director of Global Marketing) by email