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E18-DX5 4 Heads Format Thermal Transfer Printerapplies to printing on cloth, leather, etc. Thismodel adopts four EpsonDX5 print heads in combinationof the best control system and outstandingoutlook design, means to reach the top printingperformance and speed. For providing optimumservice, we select material strictly, keep the bestcost performance.

E-18 2 Heads wide format inkjet printer applies 2Epson DX5 heads, equipped with our advancedtechnology; offer the best printing quality andstunning speed. Users can make fast operationthrough simplified system. Our printer is affordable, high-quality, high-speed, it will be the solid choicefor you.

F6045 Flatform Printer adopts all steel shell, the independent R&D control system and the peripheral control boards. The precise collocation and combination ensures the ruggedness of structure and the precision of control system. Printer gets printing width 60cm x 45cm with a single head Epson DX5 and UV curing printing with special ink, to realize real-time curing. The intelligent automatic head height adjustment achieves precise printing, which can realize multi-level printing and concave-convex texture.