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Jingmen Qunyi Digital

Introduction to Our Enterprise

Jingmen Qunyi Digital, Advertising & Media Co., Ltd, located in the city of Jingmen, operates on a scale of magnificence and owns tremendous strength. It provides services including large comprehensive advertising media, film and television production, graphic output, high-grade printing and advertising production. The company has all together 18 divisions. There are departments of planning, advertising, photography, printing, design, video, image, process, carving, screen printing, sales, network, training, decoration, presents, software development, ceremony articles production, R&D for new products.

The company possesses advanced facilities, adopts leading technologies and embraces overall items. The number of advanced facilities in the company is over 150. Service items in the company include celebration planning, advertising issue, graphic design, color printing, accessories printing, name cards, certificates and cards production, photography, digital film printing, wedding service, management planning, marketing planning, real estate planning, advertising film production, monographic film production, TV plays shooting, ink-jet portrayal, 3D carving, architecture model, stainless steel processing, crafts making, marks projects, quantification projects, digital monitoring facilities, decoration projects, gift distribution, digital products selling, website construction, software development, etc.

The goal of this multi-item business model is to provide customers with one-stop service by means of integrating both human resources and facilities resources. The special business modal has been generalized across the country by joining in the chain stores. So far, many franchise stores of Qunyi Digital have been established in provinces like Jilin, Anhui, and cities in Hubei like Ensi and Zhang Jiajie. Qunyi Digital is well known as the model and sample of local cultural industry. In the year 2014, it was given the glorious title of "Cultural Industry Demonstration Base of Hubei Province".

The best quality comes from the advanced facilities and leading technology. The lowest price results from enormous scale, overall items and one-stop service. Qunyi Digital is willing to adhere to the principle of service "better, faster, higher" and we will try whatever we can to provide each and every one of our clients with better service.